Our Business Areas

The nature of the trade and the high value of the cargo being transported by our vessels require a strong foundation based on Safety and extensive planning. As a heavy-lift and project cargoes specialist, we provide innovative solutions to complex cargoes that others deemed unattainable. Our customer oriented approach ensures the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

The dedicated departments have been setup with in the Company with the aim of promoting safe and efficient operation of owned and chartered vessels. Experienced operators with extensive marine knowledge and commercial managers with invaluable maritime experience are the key to ensuring the timely and profitable execution of all related operations.

The Capacity Management department works intensively to achive greatest possible customer satisfaction as well as optimal capacity utilization of the vessels managed by us. The major functions of the department are listed hereunder.

  • To meet customer requirements in terms of logistics and shipping needs.
  • To establish links with other players in terms of strategic alliances, pooling of vessels, cargoes, etc in order to fulfill the global shipping needs.
  • To work closely with our customers and understand their shipment needs and plan our movements accordingly.
  • To establish a network of partners in terms of Owners, Charterers, Brokers who can add value to our services.
  • To secure specialized vessels in the heavy lift sector and make a name in this niche sector of heavy lift players.

Cargo and Vessel Management
The fast paced business requirements need a close and timely follow up by the operators ensuring the best delivery of service to our customers, which briefly includes:

  • Monitoring Vessel’s Progress.
  • Bunker Planning and Arrangement.
  • Appointment of Agents for port formalities.
  • Insurance – P & I Club.
  • Liaison with Customers ensuring quality service.

Port Captaincy
Our committed and experienced pool of Port Captains ensure that all the aspects of cargo operations in port are carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Loading / Unloading
  • Lashing / Securing for sea carriage
  • Liason with Shippers / Receivers / Agents / Workshops
  • Compliance with relevant international regulations
  • Ensures Quality Management

Stowage Planning
It involves preparation of a comprehensive plan after taking into careful consideration below mentioned factors, so as to ensure safe and efficient transportation of cargo.

  • Cargo and Vessel particulars
  • Load and Discharge port capability & limitations
  • Vessel / Ports lifting gear capability
  • IMO regulations / guidelines
  • Industry best practices

We are committed to conducting our activities in a manner that protects health and safety of all personnel working under our direction as well as to ensure safe sea carriage of our customers cargo. As we move forward we intend to have a dynamic safety management system, making continuous improvements to our procedures and processes.